Land Sailing Locations

These are the sailing locations (sorted by state and city) that we are currently familiar with. 

If you wish to add or update information please contact us at  with the details and I will add them to this page.

Thank you for your help in keeping this page current.


Kingman                                                    Red Lake                                Updated 10/24/2023


Victorville                                                Rabbit Dry Lake                         Updated 10/24/2023



Austin NV                                          Smith Creek                                   Updated 10/24/2023

                                   GPS Location: N39.3248 W-117.4459

 From Austin take Hwy 50 West towards Fallon. About 8 miles out, find Hwy 722 on the left. Turn left and follow Hwy 722 west, out past the airport and on across the valley. Over the next mountain pass you will see the playa. Continue to mile marker 20 and turn right out onto the playa.  Once on the playa bear left for a couple of miles or venture southwest out to the "island" where a lot of sailors camp.

Recent reports say the surface is pretty rough in some areas because of all the rain. Large portion of the playa is sailable.

Gerlach NV                                          Blackrock Desert                        Updated 10/24/2023

                                   GPS Location: N40.7982 W-119.1309

From Gerlach, take County Road 34, two miles northeast to the Two Mile Exit.

Once on the playa, go down the right side of the desert and stay on the well traveled road.

About 10 miles out the road passes between Dead Dog Dunes. These are recognizable by the split rail fence around each one.

Near Trego Hot Springs is where we normally sail.


Goldfields                                          Alkali Playa                        Updated 10/24/2023

                                   GPS Location: N38.8593 W-117.3746

 From Goldfields continue on Hwy 95 North to the Silver Peak Road. (on the left). Turn left and follow Silver Peak  Road to Playa.


Winnemucca                                          Jungo Playa(s)                            Updated 10/24/2023

                                   GPS Location: N40.9237   W-1103676

From Winnemucca, take Hwy 95 North towards Boise. Cross under I-80 and over the Humboldt River. Take the first left before the park and continue to bear left onto Jungo Road. Follow Jungo Road for 35 miles to Jungo Middle Playa on the right.

For the South Playa, continue on Jungo Road west, cross the RR tracks and continue about 1 mile to Imlay Road on the left. Turn left and follow about 1/4 mile until road starts to bear slightly right. Turn left off the road towards the barbed wire gate about 300 yards to the East. Playa is just beyond the gate. Be sure to keep the gate CLOSED.

For the North Playa, continue to the western edge of the Middle Playa to the Bottle Creek Road on the right. Turn right  and follow about 3 miles to the north entrance of the North Playa.

Current conditions as of 10/24/23 are the playas are dry and sailable. We sailed the middle and north playas and found them in generally GREAT condition. Jungo road was recently graded out past the playas towards the Hycroft mine. R Badger

Primm (Las Vegas)                                          Ivanpah Dry Lake                         Updated 10/24/2023

                                   GPS Location: N35.5491  W-115.3816


This location is on the CA/NV border, just off I-15. Get off I-15 at Primm (about 40 miles southwest of Las Vegas, NV). Go NE toward the Primmadona Casino, Turn right at the first light and drive along the edge of the resort (SW) past to the Lotto Store where the road turns SE.

About 100 yards past the Lotto Store the road bends around to the left  and there is a dirt road going straight up along the fenceline and a gate, on the right. Go through the big iron gate and take the time to read the rules before proceeding. There is a BLM Ranger on or near this site a lot of the time and they are serious about the following all the rules. This keeps the lakebed in good condition.
Follow that dirt road 3+ miles along the east edge of the lake to camp (Camp is usually very close to N35 deg 33’, W115 deg, 23’ although it moves from time to time depending on conditions and the preferences of event organizers). 




Fields OR                                          Alvord Desert                              Updated 10/24/2023

                                   GPS Location: N 42.5309 W -118.5258

!8 miles north of Fields on Fields Denio Road. When you come over the hill and see the desert, continue north to the posted entrance on the right. The last part of this entrance (past the restroom) has some deep ruts that may prove difficult for some vehicles. There is a big turn-around at the restroom, so you could see for yourself. If you are looking for better access, continue north on the Fields Denio road to the hot springs. There is a private road there that is maintained by the owner and he charges a toll to use it. $10.00 last I heard.

We sailed here mid October and in between the rains, had a GREAT time. Good wind, Good Friends, and a very smooth surface.