Odyssey Duo

odyssey, duo, twin, landsailing, manta, mast, dirt boat, sand sailing, nevada, desert, outdoorsodyssey, duo, twin, landsailing, manta, mast, dirt boat, sand sailing, nevada, desert, outdoors 


The Odyssey Duo design is based on a popular Manta Twin one-design sail kart. It can seat 2 people in most cases. Sailing single will require about 5-10 mph winds. 2  passengers will need 10-15 mph winds. It is a stable, easy to sail Kart for beginners and a competitive Kart for the experienced.

The chassis is built using 6061-T1 Aluminum aircraft tubing, steel square tube, and other top-quality materials. Steel parts are powder coated.

The Dacron sail, trampoline, and seat are provided by Elliot Loft, a world class sail maker. Tapered Battens in the sail are specifically designed for this sail. The ball bearing blocks are 45mm diameter and supplied by Barton Marine. These larger blocks along with the 3/8” Lanex Yacht Braid lines, make sail handling easier. Other parts that are not shop built are sourced from aircraft supply retailers. Each kart is hand built in our Nevada USA facilities.

The 4-piece mast is constructed of telescoped 6061 aluminum tubes. Towards the mast top, the internal tube lengths are tapered to control the mast bend to match the sail geometry.

Available options include adjustable steer post locations to accommodate the sailors height. A front deflector is also available. We could add a wider aluminum deck plate for more comfortable passenger use. This diamond plate deck is easily removeable.

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